Soa "The Hulk" Palelei - Athlete / MMA / Actor

Soa "The Hulk" Palelei - Athlete / MMA / Actor

UFC Fight Night 40 & UFC Fight Night 43



The Road to UFC Fight Night 40


Soa The Hulk Palelei Media day & Press Release


Soa Palelei: Proving That The Hulks Home is in the UFC, One Smash at a Time

UFC Fight Night 33


Soa "the Hulk" Palelei VS Pat "HD" Barry full fight video


UFO Brisbane Weigh-in

Winners Post Fight interviews


Soa the Hulk Palelei UFC 161


Soa the Hulk custom made diamond pendants 18kt white gold dogtag 1.50ct in diamond weight & 18kt white gold cross with 1.50ct in diamond weight


MUS brand ambassador Soa the Hulk Palelei showcases both his custom made diamond pendants at the Perth Fashion Show


Soa the Hulk Palelei UFC 164


UFC 164: Soa Palelei Says Training Camp Rib Injury Slowed Him

Soa "The Hulk" Palelei Fight Video UFC 164

UFC 164 Prelims


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