HD Championship Rings

"MUS&Co has made history and cemented a legacy in the MMA sport world. This was accomplished by creating the 1st ever MMA diamond championship ring for the then MFC Bantamweight world champion Anthony Birchak. In order to make this huge and embrace the HD lifestyle there was a press release and a huge social media campaign. The concept behind the design and was not only just to make a championship ring but make it elegant, crisp and clean so the champions can wear on a special occasion or on an everyday basis.

The diamond championship ring will be answer to all the MMA promotions problems and the championship ring will be able mark the MMA promotions champion accomplishments by showcasing wearing a customize diamond championship in respective promotions, weight class and title defences. MUS championship diamond rings are one of kind and can be worn as an everyday diamond piece so the champions can showcase their accomplishment without having carry their championship belts around.

MUS&Co we pride ourselves on all our products with the quality of the gold we use the rings and off course the authentic diamonds which embraces the elegance of the championship ring. MUS&Co very competitive in costs in the market and we do not comprise on the quality. So by assurance we issue diamond and gold certificates with the rings.

So all you MMA fight promotions / fight companies, NFL teams, NBA Teams etc you want give your current champions, athletes a diamond championship ring to mark their sporting accomplishments, by representing your sporting promotion or team . Then feel free to send your enquiries our Managing Director Deon Degannes who has taken hands on approach to this project specifically. He has worked closely from the concept design to the finished product to ensure the requirements were met and off course ensuring that they live HD lifestyle".

The contact details are below;
Deon - +96896634655

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