About MUS

Create Your Own HD Lifestyle at MUS HD

MUS HD www.mus.ae is the United Arab Emirates ONE AND ONLY leading online retailer of customized diamond jewellery products. MUS HD based in United Arab Emirates with expansion plans to bring the brand to other areas in the Gulf Cooperating Countries(GCC) by promoting and marketing personalized and customized designs of diamond Jewellery products and patronized by those who live an HD lifestyle

At MUS HD we don't just create diamond jewellery we create a HD lifestyle

MUS operates as a retailer, distributor and manufacturer of customized authentic diamond jewellery products shipping hundreds of them each year to customers all over the world. The company employs experienced and certified artisans who are immensely skilled in custom-configure designs using even the most complicated materials, elements, stones, kinds, dial, band, lug, style, cut including overall packaging or case additions customized to individual tastes, desires or preferences”."not many diamond jewellers can boost Professional Atheletes" , famous musicians or music artists & super producers among their clientele, and also representing MUS as Brand Ambassadors, but MUS HD can! Producing exquisite pieces of customized diamond jewellery products with epic diamonds and shipping them to customers all over the world is what we do best. It's no wonder then that we are the United Arab Emirates leading online retailer of luxury and stunning diamond jewellery products

MUS HD Lifestyle Society allows Clients / Members to benefit from discounts across our range of products and receive exclusive invites to events. Year-round free shipping and a 30 day return policy are also offered on all orders. Have a look and browse at some of the MUS diamond jewellery products at our online store at My Urban Swagga. Our incredible custom made diamond jewellery products, always spark conversations and make you stand out from the crowd when they are worn

At MUS we pride ourselves on all our products with the quality of the gold and authentic diamonds which embraces the elegance of the all our products. MUS HD very competitive in costs & rates in the market and we do not comprise on the quality of our diamond products. So by assurance MUS issues diamond and gold certificates with all your products when you purchase from us certifying the authencity, specification and quality of your diamond jewellery product

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